Are they free??

YES! I travel to you and your friends for free.

Do I get free stuff for hosting a party?

YES! If you host a party at your house and have 4 or more friends attending you will receive free oils.

What happens at the party?

Stays at the party. Just kidding! As the host, we will talk ahead of time to have a focus for your party. We can focus on a variety of goals including:

-using essential oils for stress relief

-topical uses for essential oils

-reducing chemical stress in your life by replacing household products with essential oil based products

-exploring which oils are best for supporting specific health conditions

-many more!

Will my guests get oils to take home from the party?

If you want to immediately begin using oils, a “make and take” party allows you and your guests to create their own custom roller balls that can be used topically to apply oils to the skin. The cost per roller ball starts at $6. Using more expensive oils increases the price.

If I want to buy oils at the party, how much do they cost?

Each essential oil ranges in cost. I will explain the most cost effective methods to buy oils, whether you want to buy one oil or many.

Are my guests expected to buy something for attending the party?

No. Essential oils have greatly improved my life, and I know they will benefit you and your friends, but no one is expected to buy anything! It took me a long time after I first discovered essential oils to start buying them for myself. The goal of your party is determined ahead of time, and I focus on educating how essential oils can help you meet your goal at the party. If your friends aren’t able to buy oils at the party that’s ok! Knowledge is power, and I want as many people to hear my story as possible so they can discover how essential oils can improve their lives too.

Can we have drinks at the party?

YES! The party is at your house, whether or not you and your friends want to have a drink is up to you.

How far do you travel?

Until June ## (date depending on how many more snow days we accumulate) I can travel anywhere in New England for essential oil parties. After June ## I will be available to travel to states outside of New England.

How do I schedule a party with you?

You can message me by visiting My Tall Maine Life Facebook page. Email me at Send me a text or just ask me the next time we see each other.

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