Here are some options to buy gluten free bread in rural Maine.

***Toast your gluten free bread for it to taste good!

Your easy, every day option:

Glutino English muffins are the best gf option I have found to buy in Maine grocery stores. They are usually located in the “natural” frozen food section at Hannaford. Everyone who has tried these loves them. I use them for everything: veggie burgers, breakfast sandwiches, homemade mini pizzas, etc.

Your best option:

Tripp’s Primal Farm and Cafe bread. This cafe (is not vegetarian, but has great vegetarian options) is completely gluten free. Their bread is amazing. When I buy¬†loaves of bread: I slice them, and put them in freezer bags so they will last as long as I want.

Hit or miss option:

Axis Natural Foods in Auburn, ME. I say hit or miss, because their breads go fast. They host different brands of local and larger gf bread companies.