”I cannot get hangry. I will lose my job, ruin relationships, and there’s a strong possibility I could end up in jail.”

Get ready to begin thinking ahead for snacks. You can snack all day long, but it takes a small amount of planning and a little bit of prep. I like to have more snacks than I will actually eat.


-a small/medium sized cooler.

-ice/cold packs.

Hummus with these Veggies:

-Cherry tomatoes


-Green/red peppers


-Snap peas



-Hummus: buy the bigger size if it’s cheaper to do so. Spoon some into a to-go container for your cooler. If you want less prep, buy the smaller- individual containers. Or use peanut butter (just not the sweet kind with a bunch of added sugar).

Chips and Salsa:

Read more about an easy homemade fresh salsa here.

Boiled eggs:

Read more about how to boil eggs and prepare them for upcoming meals.

Fruit, ready to eat. No prep:








-Pom poms- pomegranate arils prepackaged in grocery store


I normally buy nuts to add to salads and other meals because they tend to be expensive, but if you have the money add them to your list of snacks.


-Pumpkin seeds







-Slice your own. Just don’t eat the entire block in one day.

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