As everyone is stressing about the beginning of school, I am having mixed feelings about not going back to teaching this fall.

Obviously there is stress with the beginning of a new school year. My Facebook feed shows parents throwing out questions, desperate for logistical information about their children’s transportation, classroom needs, sports requirements and expectations from new teachers. Parents wondering how they are going to get their kids to wake up earlier after months of waking up hours later in the morning. The beginning of a new school year is a big transition for everyone. Teachers are trying to cope with leaving their summer schedules behind and waking up SO early that there is a line extending to the road at every Dunkin’ Donuts in town. The first teacher meeting of the year rolls out last minute changes and new initiatives. Acronyms are used that will hurt your brain if you didn’t sit in the 40 car line at Dunkin’ Donuts: IEP, RTI, PBD, PLG, SLO, OHI, and everyone’s favorite ADHD. There is a lot of stress building up to the first day of school, but their is also joy and excitement to look forward to with a new school year.

There are many things I have looked forward to while starting a new school year;

  • Catching up with my teacher-friends.
  • Meeting students for the first time, and trying to learn their names ASAP.
  • Collaborating with other science teachers and fully geeking out on science content.
  • Creating project based learning opportunities for students and watching them problem solve a solution.
  • Having classes later in the day arrive excited, because they heard what they were going to do from students in previous classes.
  • Eating lunch with other teachers.
  • Watching students kicking butt in the Fall sports.
  • More geeking out about science content.

While I won’t get to experience the fun times this week of going back to school, I am looking forward to new adventures during Fall 2017.

In June, when I started to inform my friends and family about my decision to step away from teaching for a year, the first question was usually,

“what are you going to do for work?”

So here is an update on what I have done in the past two months since school ended.

  • Catering.
  • Driving.
  • Photographer’s assistant.
  • Shopper.
  • Doterra Essential Oil Advocate.
  • Raft guide.

I have been super busy, and I have found how important it is to support myself in healthy ways while working in many different work environments.

I am using essential oils to help myself focus in on whatever it is I find myself doing. When I work in catering sometimes I will be working 15 hours on my feet, carrying heavy items and washing dishes over a sink that’s 3 feet lower than it should be. The best oil product I use on these days is called Deep Blue Rub. It’s tingly and soothes achy muscles and allows me to push through the later hours of working.

When I am working as a driver I really like to use lemon or an oil blend called Elevation, which also has a refreshing smell. I use this in my car as an air freshener, by adding it to a hanging ornament from my rear view window. I have also seen really cute ways to use mini clothes pins and fabric to place on your air vents. Unfortunately for my olfactory system, many of the people I am driving are on the way to a hotel where they will THEN be able to shower. Thank you lemon, for getting me through these drives.

As a shopper, I am given a list of items to buy, and then I have to buy them, without screwing up the finer details. Cans vs. bottles, whole bean vs. ground coffee, ginger beer vs. ginger ale, etc. As a gluten free-vegetarian, I feel like I am already at a disadvantage…what do I get as a “healthy brand” of whole wheat bread? What justifies a “quality” turkey meat? To stay focused when I’m dragging or stressing about lunch meat, I use a product called PastTense. It comes in a roll on, where I apply it to my temples and neck. It’s tingly and minty and provides me with relief in stressful situations. (Choosing my favorite local non-IPA…it’s tough when you don’t drink beer!)

As a photographers assistant (this was so fun!) I worked outside to provide lighting and encouragement (while you might feel silly in that pose, it will look amazing in pictures!). I was outside in a dress for 7 hours. In the future, I would be better prepared with a backpack of essentials including TerraShield bug spray, which works great against mosquitos. Unfortunately this was a learning experience, and I got quite a few mosquito bites. I do always carry lavender for bug bites. It works great to relieve itching.


Rafting is always a blast, and this summer I was able to take most of our wedding party down the Kennebec river during an unplanned 8,000 cfs release. We left camp at 6:00 AM to drive the three hours north to West Forks. It was such a fun day, but by the time we got off the river, I once again smelled like a raft guide. Unlike my 20 year old raft guide days, at 30 years old I was able to go home and take a hot shower (instead of rinsing off in the river). This is what adult life does to you. I am obsessed with these essential oil based shower products, and rafting!

Cory and me at Christmas Tree beach.

My (then) Fiancé jumping off a cliff 3 days before our wedding.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, student, or newly-entrepreneurial, take care of yourself as we transition into Fall. Eat healthy, move your body, cut out bad habits one at a time, remember to breathe and if you’ve never used essential oils to support your healthy lifestyle- give them a try! If you have questions about products or creating your own account to buy products yourself for less than retail price (You don’t have to sell these products in order to have your own account) contact me at



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